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Many fanatics believe the End Times are coming . . . a few can’t wait.

For them, the prophecies for Armageddon are clear, if only they could trigger the war that starts it all by blaming Iran for a horrendous act of terrorism. American retaliation would start the dominoes falling. The final battles would begin.

Enter Jack Kant and his girlfriend Angela Bow. They don’t have a lot, but they do have each other. Jack’s a muckraker journalist with an unhealthy compulsion for poking in places where he shouldn’t. Angela is a resourceful documentary researcher and not above kicking a wiseguy where it hurts.

When Kant visits a sketchy source to return a package of illegally-obtained materials and back out of a story he’s considering, he confronts a long-haired deliveryman who slaughters the whistleblower, his wife, and nearly Kant, to obtain said materials. Kant escapes with the package, but before he can get home, Angela’s six-year-old niece, Kiley, is abducted.

Should he go to the police, even though he’s soon framed as a suspect in the murders? Would they even follow up on one of the odd items in the package — a brochure about the dangers of natural gas storage facilities with the phrase “55 Hiroshima bombs” circled?

He is drawn into the scariest story of his life, and his obsession with learning secrets demands that he follow up, but what about Kiley? His choices are grim and the world is pressing down on them, more so than he knows, if he doesn’t act there may be no world.

On the run, he and Angela must use all of their ingenuity to outwit unknown adversaries while trying to determine who their friends are and who would make them patsies in an international conspiracy.


What do A Confederacy of Dunces, Cosmic Banditos, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and maybe TV’s animated Archer all have in common?

If you’re familiar with them you know that they made you laugh out loud. And they are completely irreverent and definitely politically incorrect.

Well, about this story, let’s start with this question: Did you ever want to quit your job and maybe wipe your ass on your boss’ desk on your way out?

For these characters that’s purely a rhetorical question. Dilbert has a much saner office environment. The characters I created in this book – particularly the protagonist narrator – are out of their freaking gourds.

When young magazine editor Bonkiewicz (a.k.a. Bonkers) goes into a meeting with his publisher, he suspects that he is about to be fired. Quick on his feet, he concocts a tenuous scheme to produce a celebrity interview, and by extension, also land a huge new advertising account that may very well save the magazine.

Complicating his interview plans are his girlfriend who runs, out of their beach bungalow, an underground railroad for escapees from AA. Their Southern California dreams have long since been waylaid, smashed and forgotten and their bungalow is under police surveillance. They are surrounded by wealthy yuppies who would just as soon see their decrepit beach house demolished and turned into a condo.

But his biggest challenge will be surviving a road trip to the interview at the swanky mid-Wilshire Ebell Theater (home that night to a red-carpeted celebrity event), because, tagging along uninvited will be his friend, Hurricane, travelling with his own special entourage – a homeless person he is wining and dining as kind of a performance art.

Will he find the answer to life the universe and everything?

He can’t appeal to God but that’s OK because he’s figured out that he’s a compatible determinist and he doesn’t have free will.

It’s an existential question; but nothing a prank couldn’t fix.

Did I mention he’s a highly unreliable narrator?

You’re listening to some of the blues rock of the Dawgs. I play keyboard. These are some recent live performances.

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